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73062 transmissions with the Funky v2 low-power code and CR2032 battery

The Funky v2 loaded with my low power test code that I described here has stopped sending transmissions yesterday. The Funky v2 was powered by a fresh CR2032 battery with 220mAh capacity. I use an integer counter that overflowed few days ago and started counting over again. The total number of transmissions reached 73062; These are sent 20 seconds apart so that the test can happen in a reasonable amount of time. I suppose the code could have been optimized further, as @Dimitrios noted in the comments of the original post, I could reduce transmission power and will probably achieve much better results. So since the transmission of data is the most power-consuming task, this number of transmissions gives me a pretty good idea on the estimated run-time. If I have 73062 transmissions per battery and do some ADC measurement and sending every 2 minutes, that would mean roughly 100 days of run time on a CR2032. Running on couple AA batteries will give me years of run time;  I am pretty happy with the result.



2 thoughts on “73062 transmissions with the Funky v2 low-power code and CR2032 battery

  1. Kurt Van Kelst


    Not a comment, rather a question.

    How did you solder the Funky boards? ..
    And the Fet turning the radio on in the v1.1 design of the Funky, i did not see any part number…..
    I’m going to build a few of these attempting reflow in a IR- oven.