Super ‘Funky’

Tobias’s original ‘Funky’ had voltage regulator, that I removed in my version in favor of a voltage step-up circuit. How about having both on the Funky and you will decide which one to use depending on the concrete application? Well, I managed to squeeze in a voltage regulator, while keeping the step-up circuit. Another change that I made is that I connected the CLK output from the RFM12B module to the ATTiny84’s CLKI, so I can test if I can run it off the RFM’s 10Mhz crystal. Here is how it worked out:

I will order few test PCBs and see how it works.

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3 thoughts on “Super ‘Funky’

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  2. Hi Martin,
    Thank you for all your blogs. They are just what I have been looking for.
    I would like to begin with a Funky board. Which would you recommend as stable version? SuperFunky looks attractive but you possibly have not tested it yet – and I don’t see a link to the Eagle files.
    I also intend building the RFM2Pi – again, would you recommend the Tiny84 or the 328 for a starter?

    Mike Alport

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