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Interfacing ‘Funky’ to Raspberry Pi

I am finding myself using Funkys for all of my recent projects, so I am thinking of discontinuing the TinySensor. I think the better approach would be to have various ‘shields’ for the Funky rather having hardware on board that anyone will rarely use, for example the SD card option, the voltage divider or the jeeport on the TinySensor. The only thing that I would be missing is the connectivity to Raspberry Pi, so that I would be able to pick up RFM12b transmissions and post them to emoncms/cosm. So here is a 15-minute veroboard project to interface the Funky to a Raspberry Pi. I am interesting in the 3.3V, GND and the RX, TX pins on the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO header. Here is how it worked out:

So with minor modification to account for the changed RX/TX pins of the RFDemo sketch for Attiny84, it happily replaces the TinySensor.