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TinySensor PCB is ready

I have received 15 TinySensor v1.3 PCBs yesterday and am running tests. So far the ISP connector cannot be used because of a mistake I made on the PCB, but I assume this is fixable. I had to program the Attiny on a breadboard instead.

I have built a sensor to test out the RFM12b, DS18B20 and the analogue voltage divider port. Here are some pictures of it:

The next step that I plan is to try to interface the sensor directly to Raspberry PI’s UART and have one of the sensors acting as a gateway between the other sensors and the Pi.


7 thoughts on “TinySensor PCB is ready

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    1. admin Post author

      It is a local PCB fab house (doesn’t do international orders), quality is not the best, but they do small quantities. I hear seedstudio’s PCB service is good and cheaper, I may give it a try one day.

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