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Got my Pi today

I was one of those geeks that had their alarm clocks set on February 29th this year to become quickly disappointed understanding that the initial batch or Raspberry Pis was sold out in seconds.  Later on when things settled a bit, I managed to make a pre-order.

For a person that has been hooked on computers ever since 1985  when I go my ZX Spectrum (I was 10 years old then), the Pi is a must-have.

So here are some pictures for those still in line, I will be getting familiar with it and post if I manage to do something meaningful:

I am not sure what my first Pi project will be, I am split between running ZX Spectrum emulator (read games) on it for the good old times sake or focusing on interfacing it with my RFM12B TinySensors. I will be taking it slowly for sure 🙂


One thought on “Got my Pi today

  1. Adi Salanti

    Nice present for 1st of june. The difference between small kids and adults is the toy prices