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TFT32 – IoT gateway/control hub with TFT

4 thoughts on “TFT32 – IoT gateway/control hub with TFT

  1. Darrin Bolden

    Hello Martin,
    Have you tried the Nextion HMI with LvGL on ESP32? I have’nt found many examples to point me in the right direction so wondered if there is a compatabillity issue. In theory they should work together. Please let me know what you think
    DL Bolden

    1. Martin Post author

      No, I haven’t – those Nextons look pretty cool but are way too expensive to consider in any sort of commercial product. SO I quickly abandoned the idea to use them.
      I suggest checking with their support forum or Reddit, there might be someone who managed to get them to work, or at least comment if it is possible.

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