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[OBSOLETE] Funky v2

6 thoughts on “[OBSOLETE] Funky v2

  1. Thorsten

    Martin, this is pretty sweet! The only thing that concerns me is that you only provide 3 I/O pins with so much horsepower. How much do these boards end up costing you? It seems to me that it would be totally worthwhile to add another 8-pin strip on the other side. That would only add a couple of millimeters and allow you to add 6 more I/O (assuming VCC+GND pins). I.e. a perhaps 4mm extra space and you get 9 I/Os…

    1. Martin Post author

      I intended this for interfacing with a single sensor, i.e. temperature, humidity, light level, PIR, pulse counter or sending IR/RF codes etc. It is just about the size of a button cell battery and can be powered by one, so having more pins would put more strain to the limited battery power anyway.
      Anyway, I will probably create a bigger “cousin” to the Funky v2 with more pins available some day 🙂

  2. Bill Smith

    What you’ve done here is really cool. I see that you have the RFM2Pi board. Do you know if anyone has interfaced with a Beaglebone Black? Is the RFM12 standard enough that a Funky v2 can talk to a JeeNode or other RFM12 implementation? Thx.


    1. Martin Post author

      I don’t think that it is ported yet, but that should be pretty easy to do, as it uses standard serial @ 3.3V. Yes, the Funky v2 talks happily to all RFM12b based nodes.

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