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I have been busy starting up an exciting new project the last few months, a joint effort with a team of highly enthusiastic, hands-on, broadly skilled contributors with the goal to design and develop IoT home/industrial automation solutions. Together, we established a company named proSmart with the following principles in mind:

Provide end-to-end services

Complete service by providing the necessary hardware, firmware, backend and frontend user interfaces / stand-alone applications to the end user.

Create products that are easy to use

Develop plug-and-play platform, with no technical configuration required from the end user. Intuitive control interfaces and cloud/Android/iOS/Windows native applications.


Secure communication between edge devices and the cloud backend, isolated edge device cloud space. 


High availability load balanced micro-services based backend to ensure the service is up and scaled upon need with ease. Edge devices capable of running in autonomous mode once configured, without the need for internet connection to operate. 


Develop safe products that will recognize a failure of services/components and enter safe mode to prevent damage, while notifying the end user. 


proSmart in the media:

Golemite malki

With the President of the Republic of Bulgaria at “The big little” event awards


Interview with Bulgarian National TV Startup company creates internet connected hot water boiler









Read more about our first product, a WiFi connected thermostat at