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Google video tech-talk hangout anyone?

I’ve been meaning to hold a video Google hangout session on IoT topics for some time now, how about giving it a try?

I imagine it as informal 1 hr tech-talk with the following structure

  • 35 min presentation of a certain topic by a community presenter
  • 15 min comments, Q/A on the presented topic
  • 10 min general chat and planning for next session

Picking convenient for everyone time/date may be tricky, myself being located at GMT+2 time zone. I am thinking that Monday evenings 9 PM my local time (GMT+2) may be a good candidate, so lets schedule the first hangout date for Monday, Feb 9th 2015 7 PM GMT. Use the meeting planner tool to check the local time for your location, mine is Sofia, Bulgaria.

Google video hangouts support only 10 participants at a time, so only that many can be allowed. I’ll see what are the options to record these sessions so folks can see what was discussed afterwards. I’ll pick 10 random and notify them by email that they are selected to participate by Feb 4th EOD.

The first session’s presenter will be yours truly and I plan to talk about my home automation system architecture.

I’ve set up a sign-up form for those interested:

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