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Texas Instruments SimpleLink CC3000 WiFi Module

There is a relatively new product by Texas Instruments – the SimpleLink CC3000 WiFi module that is quite small and cheap – $12. Looks quite promising, size is about as much as a fingernail:AJQsF

There is a KickStarter project using that chip already, quite intriguing. There is still no library for Arduino, but I guess it is just matter of time before one appears. There is an initiative here.

Other projects (in progress) that use that chip are the WiFiduino 

..and a CC3000 shield project:

I will keep an eye on these projects, WiFi is something I long wanted to include in my projects.



2 thoughts on “Texas Instruments SimpleLink CC3000 WiFi Module

    1. Martin Post author

      I have been following the topic; It is still very basic, just a test of the SPI communication, but lays the basis for further work.