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Raspberry Pi TFT board

I enjoy my DIY TFT board so much that I decided to create a more permanent setup. I laid out a board design that will have non-rectangular shape and supposedly fit better on-top the Pi.   Here is how it looks:

Pi_TFT_Sch Pi_TFT_brdI sent out the boards to a PCB house, they should pop back in couple weeks time. Given that all works as expected,  I will have some extra left. Keep an eye on the shop to get hold of one (board+TFT soldered in). As a bonus, you will receive a link to download a SD card image with the ST7735R enabled kernel, so it will be pretty much a plug and play.

Eagle design files Pi_TFT for those that want to do the boar them self.


7 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi TFT board

  1. Martin Post author

    It will be around 12 Euro , including TFT soldered in and a download link for the Raspbian image with ST7735R support enabled.
    I am waiting for some TFTs to arrive and will put it for sale in the shop

  2. David

    Is there a chance you will put up the image with ST7735R support? I like to build it myself but it would be handy if you where to put a link up to an image for download.


    1. Martin Post author

      I am having trouble setting a 4GB file for public download, it will pretty much eat up my included hosting plan traffic. Go ahead and build the board, then send me a private message and I will give you a download link

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