Testing the micro IoT gateway shield

As I ordered the wrong magjack for the uIoT gateway, I couldn’t test the¬†Ethernet¬†connectivity yesterday. I only could test that the Atmega328 talks to the ENC28J60 and ran a LED blink sketch. Today I decided to test out the shield I mentioned yesterday too – it has a micro SD card slot, a LED, a RFM12B module and pins for a FTDI serial to TTL adapter. I must confess that I am pleasantly surprised that all these components on the board work. I ran a test SD card sketch that scans the content of a SD card and outputs it to the serial – that I monitored using a 3.3V FTDI cable. Then I uploaded the RFDemo sketch and it worked too. It is going to be another story to make all these work together, there are three SPI devices to mind, but I will be testing that out when the magjack arrives.IMG_1797 IMG_1800 IMG_1801 IMG_1802 IMG_1803


Edit: Eagle design files of both the gateway and the shield plus sample sketches are now available on github

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