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USB on the Funky

I recently came across a neat little (literally) project called MicroFTX. It is incredibly small USB to serial adapter board based on FT230XQ (datasheet) from FTDI’s new X-Chip series. I thought it would be neat to throw in some native USB support on the Funky, so I did a small experiment. This is all work in progress and I am not sure I want to go this way at all, just toying with the layout now. There is a working OptiBoot for Attiny84 out there, so maybe also worth giving it a try. I had to switch the Attiny to QFN package in order to accommodate it all:


4 thoughts on “USB on the Funky

  1. Xavier

    looking forward to hear more about adding usb to the funky module.
    Not only for programming via the bootloader, but why not for charging an embedded lithium coin cell ?!

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