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RFM12B to Raspberry Pi board

I have decided to discontinue the TinySensor project and focus on Funky Sensor as they overlap a lot as functionality. These of you following my posts, know that I have a working prototype for a dedicated board  for RFM12 to Pi connectivity, I later modified the TinySensor to include the 2×5 pin header so it could plug directly on the Pi. The TinySensor ended up a bit complex and so I decided that it would be better to have only a simple RFM12B to Raspberry Pi solution plus the Funky sensors as remote nodes. As a result,  in collaboration with Glyn Hudson from , the RFM12B to Raspberry Pi was born:



The board, just as the TinySensor, is ATTiny84 based. It runs the RF12 demo sketch and outputs the serial to the UART pins of the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi needs some settings prior to being able to capture that feed, mainly disconnecting the console running on the serial, all described in the TinySensor Wiki. On the Raspberry Pi side, a script is running to capture the serial stream, analyze it and make emoncms posts.

I plan to sell these boards in the store as fully built and pre-programmed product. Glyn has plans to offer pre-configured Raspbian SD images that will have emoncms all set up, plus he will also be selling the RFM12B to Pi board .


2 thoughts on “RFM12B to Raspberry Pi board

  1. fluppie007


    When will these boards become available for use with eMon CMS and use the Raspberry Pi as a eMon Base? The Pi seems an interesting Base station for eMon logging.