Display for my Raspberry Pi

[Edit] I have now undertaken another approach, worth checking it out here

I recently purchased a 4.3″ TFT LCD screen, originally intended for attaching car backup cameras with the intention to use it as a status screen for my Raspberry Pi. I got it from Ebay and it costs $25 delivered:

Specs say it should be powered by the car’s 12V, but I figured it would work at much less. I tested it at 6V and it works just fine, there isn’t any warming that running it on 12V would cause. So I hooked it to Raspberry Pi’s TV out and it worked straight away:

I then followed the instructions on this site to get Chromium installed and running full screen on specific site upon booting, that happens to be the URL for my public dashboard on emoncms:


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20 thoughts on “Display for my Raspberry Pi

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  2. Hi.
    I have that exact same screen. How are you powering it? Could you show how it’s wired up at 7V ?


  3. Hi, I live in the UK and I think that your idea is great, but I was wondering if a 12v DC rechargeable power supply for CCTV cameras would power the screen as I have found a similar monitor.

    Thanks, Tom.

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