RF12 Demo sketch for ATtiny84

I ported the RF12Demo sketch by Jeelabs to use with the TinySensor. My plan is to have it run while the TinySensor is connected to RaspBerry Pi’s UART so that I can both receive and send data packets. A PHP script will then capture the packets, decode the contents and post the data to EmonCMS that is installed on the RaspBerry Pi. The sketch requires the modified for ATtiny84 NewSoftSerial library to work.

The sketch itself is available on GitHub, here is ascreenshot of it running on the Pi:

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7 thoughts on “RF12 Demo sketch for ATtiny84

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  3. Martin, I have troubles to get the communication working. I use ArduinoISP to upload the sketch to the Attiny84, no problem. But what pins should I use for the Rx/Tx on my Attiny to communicate with the Rx/Tx from my UNO.
    Whatever I tried I don’t get the configuration screen as shown above 🙁

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