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Tiny Sensor plans

I have been working this weekend on improved version of the ATTiny84 remote sensor, this time I will use a PCB fab house to make at least 15 pcs of the PCB. The improvements over the old hand-made PCB are:

  • CR2032 coin cell battery slot
  • One Jeelabs compatible port for compatibility with Jeelab plugs. I am most interested in attaching I2C devices to that port
  • One Analog voltage divider for various analog measurement purposes connected to a 2.5mm audio jack. The voltage divider is entirely made with through-hole parts and may be configured as per the needs. The primary intention is to use it for current sensing, but any configuration is possible, including soldering wire jumpers if necessary
  • One port intended for DS18B20 temperature bus
  • The one-wire bus, the Jeelabs port and the analog input can be powered from PB0 digital port only when necessary. The analog port can be either powered from 3.3V all the time of only when setting PB0 to high; the setting is configurable through a jumper
  • The PCB is designed to fit a small plastic box sized 37x57mm


Eagle schematic and board files for the Tiny_Sensor_v1

I will be ordering the PCBs the next few days, I always wait a bit after I think I am ready so that I can react to new ideas.

Comments are welcome.


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