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The Tiny Sensor gets a SD card port

I had some space left on the TinySensor v1.0 PCB, plus I left myself few days to think before ordering the first batch, so I decided to throw in a SD card port. I didn’t want it to be anything fancy like the impossible to solder SMT card slots, so I decided to go for a quite rough but easy solution based on Getto SD card slot idea, also used by Nathan Chantrell in his SD shield project:

Nathan has put up a simple schematic for the SD card pin layout:

So the idea is to use either straight or right angle pins on the PCB and solder the SD card adapter to the PCB, then insert an micro SD card in it.

Here is the modified PCB:


The SD card can be Chip Selected via PA2 or PA7 pin, select-able by a jumper.  Basically it is a SPI interface, so any 3.3V SPI device can be hooked, not just a SD card.


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