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Live streaming to USTREAM.TV using Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi nest camera project turned out interesting, but provides static images upon motion detection. I’d rather have a live view of the bird’s nest and decided to go for live streaming.  Setting up the software for it is pretty straight forward using these instructions, only I use a RaspiCam instead of USB camera, so I had to install UV4L for Raspbian as well. Here is a live view of the nest, mind that it is located at GMT+3 and my camera is the regular (not IR version), thus no night time feed is visible:

Live streaming video by Ustream

The streaming is at 640×480, 5 fps. Not quite good, not bad either.

I also think that these are barn swallows, not common house martins as I originally thought. The female has laid eggs few days ago, so expecting chicks to hatch really soon.

I will have the camera run for a while, before I re-purpose this Raspberry Pi for another project.




3 thoughts on “Live streaming to USTREAM.TV using Raspberry Pi

  1. Adam

    Hey there,

    Awesome work! I’m glad my instructions helped you out and many thanks for the link back to my site!

    All the best,