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In-memory SQL analysis of emonCMS feed

It often happens that I need to know the the min/max/average values of an emonCMS feed or do basic data analysis/querying, I was running a SQL query on the database end to get my answers. In some cases, however, one may not have a direct access to the database. EmonCMS’s API allows JSON data extract for a feed, so I decided to use that as a source. Here is a simple Python code that I put together that will fetch a week’s worth of emonCMS data feed, store that data in a in-memory database (sqlite3) and run three simple SQL queries on it:

import time
import urllib
import json
import urllib, urllib2
import sqlite3 # sudo apt-get sqlite3

API= "***API****" # emoncms API key
feedID=16                                # emoncms feed id

sec_per_day = 60 * 60 * 24
end = (int(time.time()))                 #now
start = (end - (7 * sec_per_day))        #7 days ago

data_url = "" + API +"&id=" + str(feedID) + "&start=" + str(start*1000) + "&end=" + str(end*1000) + "&dp="

# read in the data from emoncms
        sock = urllib.urlopen(data_url)
        data_str =
except Exception, detail:
        print "Error ", detail

data = json.loads(data_str)

conn = sqlite3.connect(":memory:")
conn.execute ("""
              CREATE TABLE feed (
                  time INTEGER,
                  data REAL );

#Load the JSON data from EmonCMS into a table
for row in data:
    conn.execute("INSERT INTO feed (time, data) VALUES (?,?)",

#print "\nEntire table contents:\n"
#for row in conn.execute("SELECT * FROM feed"):
#    print row

result = conn.execute("SELECT MAX(data) FROM feed")
res =[0]
print "Max value: " + str(res)

result = conn.execute("SELECT MIN(data) FROM feed")
res =[0]
print "Min value: " + str(res)

result = conn.execute("SELECT AVG(data) FROM feed")
res =[0]
print "Avg value: " + str(res)

I use this approach to Tweet various facts about my house’s telemetry, I have set up a dedicated Twitter account fo it: