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Funky v3 PCB populated

As I mentioned the other day, I have Funky v3 PCBs waiting to be populated/tested. I did finally have some time to do that, here is how they look:IMG_2939 IMG_2941

I plan to use this particular one to run tests, so I soldered double-row female headers on the side headers:IMG_2950

I tested it briefly, it works normally except for a minor annoying detail: While moving the on-board LED pin from Digital 1 on Funky v2 to the TXLED pin (PD5) on Funky v3, I totally forgot that this pin is blinked by the Serial TX operations; furthermore the Arduino LilyPad USB (Funky v3 pretends to be a LilyPad USB) has inverted logic on driving the LED i.e. HIGH is LED off and LOW is LED on. That is easily resolved by patching the definitions for LED blinking during serial operations, the file “arduino-1.0.5\hardware\arduino\variants\leonardo\pins_arduino.h”:

/* Comment out this
#define TX_RX_LED_INIT DDRD |= (1<<5), DDRB |= (1<<0)
#define TXLED0 PORTD |= (1<<5)
#define TXLED1 PORTD &= ~(1<<5)
#define RXLED0 PORTB |= (1<<0)
#define RXLED1 PORTB &= ~(1<<0)

//And add the following:
#define TX_RX_LED_INIT
#define TXLED0
#define TXLED1
#define RXLED0
#define RXLED1

I will use another pin for the on-board LED in a future PCB revision to avoid having to patch that file.

10 thoughts on “Funky v3 PCB populated

    1. Martin Post author

      I’m not sure (free time issue). These are one small hell to build, I do that by hand now. I’m thinking of organizing a batch build for lets say 100pcs, this way the price will be better and I will enjoy my hobby rather than poking my eyes with 0402 sized SMD components in the evenings/weekends 🙂 Any suggestions on this subject are welcome.

      1. zenzen

        “These are one small hell to build” Sorry to hear that .
        Hope you choose the best one to build it soon 🙂

  1. Javier

    Hi Martin,

    I’m also interested in some pieces of your Funky V3. Have you an approximate prize and delivering date ?


    1. Martin Post author

      Hi, thanks for your interest: unfortunately I am rather busy at work recently and can’t spare any time for the shop recently, and these little guys take up to an hour per piece to fully build and test. I had plans to arrange a local company to build a small batch of 100pcs, but I never proceeded with these since that too requires investment in both time and money.

  2. Robert

    Hi Martin

    Like your work and would be interested in purchasing. Maybe the way to go is to get people to pre-order board. If the price was right I know I’d be interested in a few – get a couple of people together and you might have half of them sold (and paid for) even before you ordered them.
    Also depending on cost I agree with another poster that maybe a v3 is overkill on a temperature sensor. Are v1 boards still around and are they cheaper to get a run of 100 done. Maybe pre-order those.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Martin Post author

      Hi Robert,
      I’m not sure how to answer this, I’d love that my brainchild reaches out more hobbyists, but at the same time have no time to further develop/offer the project as I am busy at work. The v1 was selling for 17.5 EUR and the v2 was 23 EUR when I had them in the shop, so that you know. I was selling them to finance my research and experiments, now I simply have no more time. I feel bad about it, I still have tons of ideas in my head that will probably not materialize any time soon..

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