Micro IoT gateway RFM12B shield update

I have created a new version of the micro Internet of Things gateway RFM12b shield since the first revision had some drawbacks. The new version has a port that allows an OLED display to be plugged on top, this creating a combined gateway+status display solution. I don’t have a spare OLED display to use, I have one on the way and will make another blog post once it is here. [EDIT: the port is mirrored by error on this pcb batch, I won’t be able to directly plug the OLED] In addition, I added a solder jumper for the FTDI supply voltage and now you can select between the standard 5V ones and a 3.3V one. I did that after running in some troubles as I described here. The microSD card slot is now at the bottom of the PCB.uiot_shield_sch



The shield taken off the uIoT gateway. MicroSD card slot is not populated yet

..so small, about 1/4 the size of Arduino

..so small, about 1/4 the size of Arduino

..back view

..back view, the slot where the OLED display will plug is clearly visible


The uIoT gateway is a much more reliable solution compared to the Raspberry Pi, once set, it is basically plug and forget. I have tested it with an emoncms.org sketch, very happy with the results.

I will put the shield as a product in the shop soon.

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