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OLED analog clock

I have updated my OLED status display project with an option for analog clock:IMG_2673

I also experimented with drawing bitmaps, a thermometer is drawn to the right of the clock face that changes its reading according to the solar water tank temperature.

Time and temperature are captured from the wireless packets of telemetry floating around my house, which is cool since I never need to set the time by hand in case of power outage.

My code is on github, as usual, for anyone to try out. It was adapted to work with the OLED display from the TVOut analog clock project.

4 thoughts on “OLED analog clock

  1. Dimitrios

    Hey Martin
    I see you have your solar heated tank connected to a node. Could you elaborate on the way you implemented this connection? I ve got mine measuring the incoming water temperature but not the temp of the water inside the presurized vessel. How did you manage that?

    1. Martin Post author

      The hot water tank has a special temperature probe insertion port, it is a dry tube that goes halfway inside the tank. I simply inserted a DS18B20 in there and am wireless-ly transmitting the readings. Very useful for me, I also calculate the gained kWh/d based on the increase of temperature of a fixed volume;

  2. Dimitrios

    Thanks Martin. Mine has been in operation for more than 20 years, maintenance free, so I never had a reason to fiddle with it before. I guess I’ll have to decide if l want to destroy the old rubber flange on the lid and see what’s inside. “If it ain’t broken don’t fix it” keeps me from doing it πŸ™‚