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Miniature OLED status display with Funky v2

I purchased a small serial OLED display few weeks ago, it showed up yesterday at the mail box. Dimensions of the PCB are (WxHxD):30x28x4.8mm (1.2X1.1×0.19″) and the display itself is 22x12mm with 128×64 pixels. Pixels are really bright and viewing angle is close to 180 degrees, perfectly view-able at bright sunlight. I measured the power consumption to be around 20-30mA depending on the number of pixels lit.

It is a pretty cool little device that you can drive using serial, I2C or SPI interface at your choice. I chose serial for my project, as it would only require one wire (TX). Since Funky v2 doesn’t have the hardware serial pins routed to the side header, I used SoftwareSerial to pin Digital 8; that required a minor modification to the provided library, which only supported hardware serial. Next, I wrote a small sketch based on emonGLCD code to grab the wireless data packets that are floating around my house and visualize some important info. The library is pretty easy to work with, can do icons as well. This setup leaves me with two more free pins to use, maybe I will add a temperature sensor and some sort of buttons to change the display mode at some point.

Here is how my setup looks, Funky v2 is hot-glued to the back of the OLED:


The picture cannot reproduce how saturated and contrasting the image is, it is almost hypnotizing to look at



The code is available on Funky v2’s Github repository