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Energy harvesting

I have mentioned before my interest in energy harvesting, and have decided to try Robert’s LTC3108 breakout board. The Funky sensor is all about low power, so it is an ideal candidate for battery-less low power node. I got the PCBs today and quickly built one, my original intention was to use it with a Peltier element, but I destroyed mine couple days ago while testing its limits on the stove hot plate (..I know..). The board needs to be built slightly different ways if you would be using a solar cell vs Peltier element, but I already had ordered the components for a “Peltier build”. It won’t be so efficient with a solar cell, it will still work. Thanks to Paul McNair from Coilcraft who provided me sample LPR6235s that I needed for the project, they only had US stock and $43 delivery charge for 3 pcs :), so Paul sent me free samples to try out . Here is how the board looks:



I will be experimenting and blogging my findings