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TinySensor 1.4 PCB is ready

I now have the TinySensor v1.4 in my hands, there are some small improvements over the version I last published, most notably that I added a 3.3V FTDI connector. You can’t use it to program the Attiny (..yet, I am working on that too), but it provides serial debug connectivity plus power source. Quite handy when you develop.

The PCB fab-house messed up the silk screen and used the placement layer instead of t_silk layer, so I got pretty much useless silk screen, but that’s no serious problem other than aesthetics.

My first build of the TinySensor v1.4 is to replace the home-etched PCB for RFM12b-to-serial for Raspberry Pi project:


I applied a bit of hot silicon glue to couple points, where there is a risk of potential contact between the TinySensor and the Pi, isolation band can be used as well:

Here are the latest Eagle files: TinySensor v1.4_rev3

The v1.4 is available for sale in the store

One thought on “TinySensor 1.4 PCB is ready

  1. Phil

    Good work with the RPi interface, I’ve got mine and I want to start interfacing it but there’s a steep learning curve ahead with Python.

    I got my version of your ATtiny PCB working with the RFM12B and an LDR, next I have to get round the compiler issues to get the DS18B20 working.

    I’ve also created a general purpose 328p /ATtiny84 prototyping borad, just waitng for the boards to arrive.