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RFM12b to serial PCB for my Pi

[edit] This board is now available for sale in my store

Here is a little project that I worked on last weekend: A small home-made PCB to permanently fit the RFM12b-to-Serial on my Raspberry Pi. Although I am aware of at least couple on-going efforts to have native SPI support for the RFM12b, these are relatively complex and require kernel modifications. My solution may not be optimal, but is working just fine. So I layed out a single sided PCB with just a RFM12b+Attiny84+ a LED in Ealgle and 30 minutes later was already working on etching it. Here is the result, it has been working for a week now:


7 thoughts on “RFM12b to serial PCB for my Pi

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  2. Marcel

    What exactly is the purpose of this setup? Receive transmissions from other tinysensors on the RP? It looks great, but I’m still not really sure what to do with it?

  3. neech

    Ok, this looks AWESOME! When is a kit going to be ready so I can buy one for my RPi? You should think about making a case as well….

  4. Andrew Taylor

    Hi, just wondering if it would be possible to run emoncms3 on the pi and connect sensors directly to the pi, i.e. 1-wire and just a simple counter switch. Many Thanks